Anti Aging Secrets From Around The World

Time and time again we are reminded that aging and growing old is an inevitable process. Well, it isn’t! You only grow old if you want to at least in spirit. If you want to look robust and breathtakingly fresh in your 80 and 90 you have to start practicing for it now. Let go of that spirit to stay young and your body will follow.

Keep hold of it and you will remain fresh and young for as long as you like. Avoiding age detriments is no rocket science. You just have to look into the processes that cause aging and if not put a stop to the just slow them down. Here are a few steps towards not growing old and staying young and fresh.

1) Stimulate your brain:
Like the rest of our body our brain needs exercise and some challenging. A research carried out on nuns and a few more educated women showed that women who had challenged their brains through different experiences and new things exhibited lesser signs of Alzheimer’s as compared to the nuns. Learn a new language, learn a new art, experience a new professional genre. Just keep your brains going!

2) Eat well:
To remain sound and well, a body needs good, decent food. You have to take fruits, fresh vegetables, all the necessary vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning at an optimum. Researches show that human body has to have an average of 35% fat, 15% protein and rest carbohydrate derived calories. There is emphasis on complex carbohydrates like oatmeal, whole wheat bread and wild rice.

3) Keep the spirit:
Research has shown that spirituality has an overall positive impact on human health. Religion, spirit, meditation all decrease suffering and increase health. Yoga is a very potent way to relax and seek some refreshing peace deep within.

4) Exercise:
Regular aerobic exercise is a must now. People are slowly gaining awareness that they must have some physical activity going on in their lives. We all should and deserve to give ourselves that one hour of refreshing workout or some sports to keep the body toned and maintained.

5) Maximize the intake of antioxidants:
Free radicals contribute to the process of aging and antioxidants antagonize this effect. To get an antioxidant boost, we should eating dark vegetables like tomatoes, spinach, carrots, squash and blue and purple berries as they contain synergistically all the required classes of antioxidants.

6) Add a good supplement to your diet:
Because we do not always eat like we should, adding a good supplement that ups the anti by maintaining the nutrients, antioxidants and vitamins in just the right amount can help. Using a supplement is like driving with a seatbelt but it doesn’t guarantee life.

7) Have good sleep:
Sleeping well is a must towards well-being. If you are not taking six hours of sleep at night, you are on a road towards ill health and an early decline in your brain’s ability. It slows you down; it tires you emotionally and takes out the element of agility from your mind. So sleep well and then have it your way because then you can do it better.

8) Use a wrinkle reducer:
Unless you are a hyper vigilant person about your skin and effects of sun damage, the effects of aging like wrinkles, dark spots and fine lines inevitably appear. A good practice would be to use an anti wrinkle cream that contains good amounts of tritinoin, vitamin A and boosts the collagen generation in the skin.

9) Restore your hormones:
Loss, of energy, sexual drive and stamina are the problems that cause the aging people to sit in clinics of anti-age doctors. These are the classical signs of decline in hormone levels and they are the reason that hormone replacement therapy is so much in vogue.

10) Human Growth hormone therapy:
Human growth hormone therapy is a growing field of research towards extending longevity and anti- aging. It is still under scrutiny by the FDA and as of yet hasn’t been approved as a standard therapy. For now it’s best to start an anti aging regimen at home by living healthy in the mean time.


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