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Best Acne Treatment Creams

Best Acne Treatment Cream

Best Acne Treatment Cream Reviews

Acne causes spots. Its targeted age is from 12 to 25 but younger and older people get affected as well. It affects mostly face but its symptoms may also appear on chest, neck and back. It may be mild or severe. Among teenagers it has greatest ratio. It may be severe in some cases but mostly mild acne symptoms exist. If you are the one with acne skin you need treatment to prevent it becoming severe. If you let it without any treatment it may last for years.


P.acnes is the bacterium that lives on skin normally. It causes no harm under normal circumstances but when it develops in large number in trapped sebum, body`s immune system reacts and causes inflammation. Due to inflammation skin becomes red and spots fill with pustules and become larger. Sometimes these scars turn into small cysts and nodules. Inflamed spots heal eventually but sometimes inflamed area becomes discolored for months. In people with dark skin color, it can be more obviously seen. Pitted scars also appear. In females polycystic ovary-syndrome also causes acne.  Other causes are exposure to chemicals like halogenated hydrocarbons.

Acne Treatment Solutions

Acne is not a cureless disease. Best way to get rid of acne skin is to use accutane and suitable creams. There are many creams available in marketplace but you should buy one suitable for your skin. For this purpose below are some suggestions;




There are many acne creams available in market that claim to be the best. But you should consider your skin condition before you start applying any cream. If you have chosen wrong cream it may result in severe acne conditions. First of all examine your skin and then read about different products that treat acne. Choose one that suits your condition the most.

You may go for Acnex, nuox, Neutrogena acne treatment etc. Neutrogena products are also proven for reduction of acne effects. There are a number of products to choose from. Check their list and have your treatment package.

All the Best of Acne Creams Compared Side-By-Side!



5 Star Rating

Revitol acne cream is the best formula for acne treatment. Its application to affected skin area significantly reduces discoloration and skin darkening due to scars. This cream is equally effective for both male and female. It brings more uniform appearance for the skin and lessens scars appearing.


Its ingredients enhance healing process of skin. These ingredients fade away scars and makes skin look smooth. These include;

  • Hydroquinone which improves pigmentation of tissues and scars
  • Copper Peptide which heals wounds and results in lesser scars, it is most effective for new scars treatment
  • Glycolic Acid eliminates dead, old skin cells and removes discoloration. It acts like a peel for smoothening out skin
  • Onion Extract it heals scars and skin and removes discoloration


  • It effectively and safely reduces skin discoloration and darkening due to scars
  • Usable on all body parts
  • Economical than laser therapy
  • Treats all scars including stretch marks and burns


  • It is ineffective in case of raised scars

Its application is limited to discoloration only





4 Star Rating

This cream is the solution for blemishes, pus, boil, in fact all acne types. It permanently alleviates acne and cures it from inside out.

How it Works

It cures acne from its root point. Through its deep action, it helps the skin get rid of all unwanted scars. Its ingredients are natural that include

  • Resveratol is an antioxidant that helps in removing free radicals
  • Sandalwood protects skin from chemicals and reduces inflammation, blemishes and boils
  • Pantothenic Acid is Vitamin-A, inhibiting bacteria growth
  • Vitamin-E inhibits acne`s reappearance and deeply nourishes the skin


  • Equally beneficial for adults & teenagers, male & female
  • Eliminates pimples, pus, whiteheads, blackheads, spots and redness
  • Fast & effective


  • There are no obvious side-effects but its use must be as per directions




4 Star Rating

It is a comprehensive and affordable skincare program proved via clinical studies. It is a three step acne treatment-system that includes topical products and dietary herbs for addressing acne from outside-in and inside-out.

This cream system fights against acne from its root-cause. It comprises of herbal ingredients that provide food for pre-biotics or for friendly bacteria which eventually leads to minimum inflammation. For those having acne prone skin this is a good option. It does not cause irritation.

It includes Dandelion root, Burdock root, Echinacea Purpurea, Yellor dock and Sarsaparilla. Each of these herbal ingredients has their unique function and their compound action leads to a clear healthy skin.


  • It is all natural dietary supplements that reduces shininess
  • A holistic-approach to the acne treatment
  • Healthcare professionals recommended product
  • Guaranteed results within 90-days


  • Requires daily usage for at-least 90 days
  • For severe skin conditions, it gets worse for some days and then dramatically improves skin condition






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