Best Hair Loss Treatments

Hair Loss Causes, Treatments & Solutions

Today one of the major problems men and women are facing is the hair loss. Hair is found almost on the every part of our body except the palms of hands and few other parts. But baldness is the major defects that effects badly on your personality.


Thinning and fall of hair is directly related to the age factor but now always the case is same many people are inherited with this problem. Many men suffer from pattern hair loss. Treatment hair loss possibly with proscar. If men have bald spot on the head crown then surely their children will also face the same defects.

Not only the men have this serious problem but women have also the same problem. Approximately one out of the four women have baldness problem. In women the first most signs of the baldness are the signs that appear around the menopause. Not only this is the reason but the wide usage of the perms, brushing, ad hairdryers is also a major reason for hair loss in women. Bur frankly speaking both women and men have the basic common hair loss reason is the hereditary.





Major sings of hair loss includes the gradual thinning of the hair, circular spots across the head, sudden loosening of hair. These are the some major sings of the hair loss symptoms in men and women.




5 Star Rating

Provillus is popular and one the natural treatment for countering the hair loss. With provillus you can have natural hair growth in just few weeks as it guarantees its users to have a complete treatment with money back guarantee.


Provillus has great power to fight against the Dihydrotesterone (DHT) that is the main cause of the hair loss. Also provillus has the ability to provide the basic minerals to the hair like zinc, iron, magnesium, calcium, and vitamin B6 complex. The basic protein which is the key for hair growth is Keratin and it is provided by the biotin in the supplement.

The follicles are protected surely against the cortisol and DHT that forms 5-alpha reductase. Minoxidil stops the hair fall effectively, it is added up to 5%. These are the basic function that provillus provides to its users and that’s why it is famous among all the men and women.


  • Provillus-for-men-and-womenAvoids the thickness of hairs.
  • Protects hair from DHT.
  • Provides sufficient nutrients to hairs like iron, zinc.
  • Minoxidil stops the hair fall effectively, it is added up to 5%.
  • Requires no specific prescription.
  • Both men and women can use it.


  • Many users the problem of stomach ache after using it.
  • Dehydration is also reported by some users.
  • Hear rate is increased that can cause high blood pressure.





4 Star Rating

Groei360 is basically a spray that has the ability to grow the hairs with no side effects. It helps to regulate the blood regulation in the scalp of your head. About 90% users have got benefit of prevention of hair loss and thickening.


The fundamental natural ingredients like:

  • Green tea extracts.
  • Vitamins like A, C and E.
  • Denatured alcohol.

These are the major components of this supplement. Green tea is useful to counter the unwanted fats in the body that prevents smooth blood flow. Vitamins like A, C and E has the great ability to control hair loss and prevent thickening of hair. They also recover the damaged hair cells.

groei360-spray-men-womenDenatured alcohol ensures the complete absorption of the spray in your hair muscles. It also has the ability to preserve the other ingredients n the supplement.


  • Enhances blood circulation in scalp.
  • Safe and has natural components.
  • Proven natural and safe by clinical research.
  • The liquid spray has a pleasant odor.


  • There are only 10% chances that the product may not work up to the mark.
  • Not perfect for everyone to use.
  • You can stop its usage while not working properly.
  •  It Can increase hear beat.




3 Star Rating

The basic cue to use Profollica is works both internally and externally. Internally It fights against the DHT which is the main enemy of hair as profollica diminishes this DHT. Externally Profollica shampoo and Gel works fights against dryness, dandruff, and oily conditions.


The two major steps are:

  1. STEP ONE:
    In this step Profollica works inside your body to demolish the DHT and provides you the healthy nutrients like iron, zinc, proteins, and other herbs.
  2. STEP 2:
    The activator Gel improves the growth with positive results. It provides safe moisture and smooth look to your hair.

profollicaVitamin B3, B5, and B12 are three major nutrients added to it. B3 regulates blood circulation and alter the oxygen production. Vitamin B5 is the key for the growth of hair. It enhances the sebum level of your scalp. B12 forms the blood cells in your body. It also enhances the metabolism rate. Biotin is also included to prevent hair loss.


  • Regulate blood level in the scalp.
  • Demolishes DHT.
  • Provide oiliness to hair.
  • Enhances hair elasticity with power.
  • Protects form harmful sun rays.


The results are not provided in quick succession but you have to use it quite regularly for many months.