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Best 3 Teeth Whitener Reviews 2015

Teeth’s whitening is one of the major issues for everyone, mostly for smokers. If you are a social person and unfortunately you got growing teeth yellowing problem, then this thing might become a dangerous one for your reputation.

In scientific terminology, a person having yellow teeth is called xanthodont and many dental professionals have worked hard together to launch numerous products for this reason.


There can be numerous causes of discoloration of your dentition. Some of them are listed beneath.

  • Tea, chocolate and certain vegetables or fruits can discolor your teeth.
  • Chewing tobacco and smoking can as well turn your teeth yellow.
  • Your teeth can be stained out due to not enough brushing and poor oral hygiene.
  • Due to several diseases, your teeth can get decolorized.
  • Treatments for certain conditions of your health (like chemotherapy) can also cause discoloration of your dentition.
  • Certain infections in pregnant women also cause discoloration of their dentition.
  • Antibiotics can discolor the teeth of adults and children.
  • Teeth coloration can take place as a side result of aging. As you get older, your enamel slowly tends to break away, leaving the yellow dentin behind.
  • Unreasonable usage of fluoride is another cause of yellowing of your dentition. Excessive intake of this chemical, as supplements or toothpaste and from environmental sources, make your teeth look stained.
  • Also, discoloration of teeth after some trauma is a common thing. Your teeth can be traumatized due to an accident or sudden fall and this can probably disturb your enamel formation.
  • Tooth fillings can also darken your tooth color by leaching out over time and getting deposited in enamel.



Well everybody with stained teeth wants to get rid of this embarrassment and regain those lost pearly white ones. There are besides those whose genetics have ditched them and they’re not yet permitted to smile brightly. But at present several methods have given away, which you can try, to lighten your teeth.

Various products have been brought out in the market by different manufacturers claiming that they can cure your gray teeth. Yet, among those here are the top most products of renowned manufacturers.

Let’s look a little deeper.

All the Best of Teeth Whitening Solutions Compared Side-By-Side!



5 Star Rating

Idol White is a unique teeth whitening product that has been endrosed by the Kardashian sisters to bring celebrity smile on your lips. This pen applicator is not merely intended to whiten your teeth, but it also cleans them as easily.


The pen actually contains whitening gel, which is formulated with hydrogen peroxide, peppermint oil, glycerin in composition with carbomer, sodium hydroxide and EDTA. It doesn’t contain sugar to prevent you from tooth decay.

idolwhiteHOW TO APPLY:

The idol white pen is very comfortable to use. You just have to first brush your teeth with your favorite toothpaste for better working of whitening gel. Then twist your pen to dispense whitening gel and gently rub it straight into your lip.

See! It is as easy as that.


  • A mess free application that doesn’t require any applicator as pen is enough to fairly distribute the gel over the teeth.
  • Professionally cleans your teeth.
  • Brings down the building of plaque in your teeth.


  • Gel doesn’t taste right in mouth.
  • Quite pricey though.






4.9 Star Rating

Zero peroxide is a 20 minute teeth whitening kit that can be undertaken without having any risk of soreness or sensitivity.


As name indicates, this teeth whitener doesn’t use hydrogen peroxide in its formula due to harmful side effect of peroxides on your gum. Rather it uses sodium bicarbonate, which has no toxic effects to bump.

It contains Pomegranate and Chamomile, to boost your enamel and gum. Sodium fluoride is also included to strengthen your enamel.

zero-peroxideHOW TO APPLY:

Apply gel into mouth tray and place it straightly in your mouth. Get into it for 20 minutes with LED light on and you’re done.


  • A doctor recommended formulation.
  • Gives obvious results in just 20 minutes.
  • Provided LED accelerator for faster results.
  • EU approved gel.
  • Offers 30 days money back guarantee.


  • Expensive teeth whitening kit
  • Not recommended if you’re pregnant or a nursing mother.





4.9 Star Rating

This amazing teeth whitening kit is designed for home use without any specific dentist prescription and it works really well.


mintcosmetics-packIt includes sodium bicarbonate as a key ingredient instead of hydrogen peroxide.

It also contains calcium, glycol, sodium hydroxide and carbopol.


  • Clinically tested and proven to work
  • 30 days Money back guaranteed
  • Can last up to 2 years
  • Comes with free whitening pen, 3 mould mouthpieces and applicator tip.
  • Comes with instructional DVD on how to properly utilize the kit.
  • Claims to whiten your teeth up to 11 shades. (Teeth shade guide is supplied)


  • Pricey than other kits.
  • Can cause intense effects in the first 30 minutes of use.