Clear White Teeth

Clear White Teeth is a product introduced by Company. It helps to remove yellow stains from the teeth. It is manufactured from the natural products. People, having yellow teeth, can easily remove the stains by this product without any harmful effects.


It provides best products to the consumers. Some benefits of clear white teeth are:

  • It is effective than any other product due to more concentration of peroxides.
  • It is fast and active against germs.
  • The company gives money back guarantee of its products.
  • It removes the yellow strains and brightens the teeth.
  • Duo action – Clean and White both at same time

The most important benefit of clear white teeth is that it is free of side effects. It shows minor negative effects if it is not properly used.


To remove the discoloration and stains from the teeth, The Company introduced a new product known as Clear White Teeth. The strains can not be easily removed by toothpastes, so Clear White Teeth fixes this issue and serves as the best product among so many tooth pastes.

It act as bleaching agent on the teeth and removes all the stains and white color emerges which makes your smile look more attractive. Let us now check how teeth become yellow and stains emerge on them. There are basically four main reasons which cause yellow teeth which are as follows:

  • The first reason is that if someone isn’t taking good care of his/her teeth, then he/she is likely to have yellow teeth.
  • Smoking or using vast amount of tobacco on daily basis.
  • Drinking coffee, tea, wine or other dark colored liquids can also spoil your teeth beauty.
  • Not using toothpaste in daily routine.

These were the reasons which cause stains on your teeth. The Clear White Teeth product is the best one to overcome these reasons. One can see effective results in very less interval of time.


The clear white teeth act as a bleaching agent for the teeth. Its ingredients react with saliva and stop the production of pellicle and plaque. It also decomposes the layer which is already produced by pellicle. It effectively causes yellow teeth to become white and forms a layer of white color on the teeth. The teeth now look better than before. It also allows the enamel to act on intrinsic surfaces along with the outer surface of teeth.


The clear white teeth are much more effective than other products. The concentration of Carbamide Peroxide increases its effectiveness. The other natural ingredients also help to remove yellow stains in very mean time. It not only removes the stains, but helps to strengthen teeth also. One can see the positive and effective results of clear white teeth within one week.


Peroxides are mainly used in all types of teeth whitening products because it is an active agent against germs. Some other ingredients are also used but the effectiveness of any product depends upon the concentration of peroxides. More concentration of peroxides can also cause side effects. To reduce the negative effects, clear white teeth is PH buffered before sending to market. The ingredients used in clear white teeth are,

  • Carbamide Peroxide:

Carbamide peroxide is the form of Hydrogen peroxide which is combined with urea. Clear white teeth contain about 35% concentration of Carbamide Peroxide, while other products contain less than 20%. Carbamide reacts with saliva and break down in Hydrogen peroxide which acts as bleaching agent.

  • Calprox:

Calprox is made up of baking soda and sixteen other natural ingredients. A thin layer of protein pellicle reacts with plaque or bacteria and cause discoloration of the teeth. Calprox is the agent which dissolves this layer of pellicle to avert stains.

  • Hydrated Silica:

It is used for cleaning purposes only. It reacts with calcium carbonate and enhances the effectiveness of clear white teeth.

  • Sodium Monoflourophosphate (Fluoride):

This ingredient helps to reduce tooth sensitivity. It also helps to prevent the cavities of teeth.

  • Strontium Chloride:

To protect the tooth root, strontium chloride reacts with saliva and prevents the bacteria to act on the roots.


Using the required amount of clear white teeth is the best option. It is deal to use the product two times in a day. It is prescribed that pregnant women should not use any teeth whiteners because it may cause some harmful effects to them.

Consultation with the dentist should be carried out before using the product. A person suffering from any tooth disease must cure his disease before using clear white teeth.


Clear white teeth are the best and active product for teeth whitening. It is safe to use and mostly doctors prescribe the Revitol products for better results.