Fighting Oily Skin in Summer


Just as winter goes away for a year, the winds of summers start to come in, people tend to go out, enjoy the beaches and the sun, but for some people who have oily skin it’s bye for pimple and acne free days. People take out their oil free sun screens, cleansers and cooling gels to keep their sebaceous glands at a check. Although oily skin for some people is problem, it does however slow the aging process of the skin and keeps away those fine lines and wrinkles away for a longer time period.

There are some measures that need to be take to fight or prevent an oily skin feel in summers.

1) Even if you don’t have a propensity to break out, switch to a cleanser that fights zits in the heat will keep your skin looking matt. Chose a cleanser with just the right amount of salicylic acid, which will break the oil in the pores but it definitely won’t dry the skin too much.

2) Don’t be a miser when using a sun block. A healthy dose of a sun block would surprisingly reduce the oily appearance of your face. It is advisable to skip the morning application of moisturizer and slather on a block that has just the right minerals. Sun blocks with denatured alcohol are also a good thing to have in your closet for use, it makes your skin more matte. Look for “dental alcohol” or “SD alcohol 40” written on the bottle.

3) Cut back on your make up a little. Not only does the foundation feel heavy in hot weather, it tends to accumulate in the skin pores and clogs them up causing them to produce more oil. Switch to a tinted moisturizer that has silicone responsible for keeping the make up in place. It also helps to try a mineral based foundation that acts to suck the excessive oil like a sponge.

4) Watch what you eat. The use of cocktails and spicy food excessively can cause damage. You have to cut back on them as they do more harm than good to your skin. Reduce drinking cocktails to one drink per day and take spicy foods no more than once a week. Consider eating plenty of carrots, cantaloupe and spinach. These foods are high in Vitamin A and it can cause slowing of oil production.

5) Make a habit of giving yourself easy at home facials. Exfoliate at least once a week and then follow it up with a mask.

6) Cut back on the night cream. It wouldn’t hurt to bring down your bedtime beauty routine down a touch. If you use a cream, bring it down to a lotion. If you already use a lotion try using a moisturizing serum. Whatever the formula, you have to be sure that it has oil absorbing salicylic or glycolic acid, caffeine for pore shrinkage and niacinamide for anti-inflammatory action. Take special attention in remembering to use them on the right place where there are more oil glands.

7) Avoid using a powder puff or it will create a cakey mess on your face. Use blotting papers with an appropriate amount of translucent powder. It will soak up the excess oil. And please don’t over use them.

8) Try using an apple and honey face pack. Crush a seeded apple and then mix three table spoons of honey in it. Clean up your face and then apply it to your face. Leave it for twenty minutes and then wash your face with water. Honey has the property off removing excess oil from your face and also tends to bring down black and white heads.

9) The oily skin care is not complete without a moisturizer. Use egg white to moisturize your face. Eggs are loaded with proteins that have invaluable effect on skin and also eggs tend to increase the elasticity of skin. Therefore give your skin a treat and use an egg white moisturizer.

10) Use peppermint as a toner. Its astringent characteristics make it a very good toner. It is helpful in treatment of pimples, acne, sunburn and it helps cooling the skin.