Groei360 helps regrow and thicken your hair…

groei360-spray-men-womenTo succeed in life one needs a sound mind and a sound body. A sound body required a sound appearance and good appearance has its attributes. In order to appear good one must be appropriate from head to toe. Good appearance instills a person with confidence and adds positively to the overall personality of a person.

Baldness is frequent cause of worry amongst men and to some extent women as well. Many therapies and laser surgeries have been tried to overcome the problem but there still remains a void in the treatment options for this particular problem.

Groei 360 is a hair loss treatment product that has been formulated with excessive experimentation and experience in the field of hair loss remedies. It is an innovative hair loss cure as it addresses the principal cause of hair thinning which seems to be the imbalance in nutrients, flora and miniaturization during blood circulation in the scalp. It comes in a very easy to use 118ml spray bottle. It doesn’t re-grow your hair rather it helps to improve continuous hair growth, the product is a non stick solution so stickiness is also not an issue with application every time and it also doesn’t impede the hair styling.


Groei360 is a 1 step solution for

total hair REGROWTH….


How does Groei 360 works?

Groei 360 is an efficient hair treatment product that helps hair re-growth by following effects:

  • hairloss-women=before-afterIt acts to reverse hair thinning and also hair loss.
  • It increases blood circulation in the scalp.
  • It returns the natural flora in the scalp to a more healthy and physiological state.
  • It helps maintaining scalp hydration and it also nurtures the scalp by supplying essential minerals, nutrients and oxidants.

It is worthy of consideration that Groei 360 is a not rapidly acting therapy. It is a naturally acting product and it works with the scalp regeneration. As the scalp takes about 21 days to regenerate its cells, Groei 360 also takes some time to show its effects.

It reverses the process of hair loss and enables the scalp to regain its healthy physiological state. The principle is that a healthy scalp would healthy hair follicles and thus healthy hair.

What are the pros and cons of using Groei 360?


1) It is safe and all natural.
2) It increases blood circulation of scalp.
3) It is an uncomplicated one step process.
4) It is supported by clinical research and comprehensive testing.
5) It promises guaranteed re-growth and hair thickening>


The product has a 10% ineffectiveness value. That means it works for 90 percent of people and there is one out of every ten time that it might not works.

Do you ant to grow your hair back!The Groei360 is the one for you…




What are the ingredients of Groei 360?

It is wise to know the ingredients of the product that you are using, no matter what it is for. You don’t want to be putting something on your scalp that does harm than good. So it is mandatory that the ingredients of the product be listed.

Importantly Groei 360 Hair Regrowth Formula contains all natural ingredients in just the right proportion to aid your hair growth. The ingredients are:

  1. Vitaliste: It forms the core of the product. It’s a patent formulation of tea tree oil, vitamins, essential minerals and plant extracts.
  2. Green tea extracts and ginseng: which serves as a healthy antioxidant and bring t6o the scalp good blood circulation.
  3. Vegetable glycerin that betters the hydration status of scalp.
  4. Vitamin A, Vitamin C, and Vitamin E, these make sure that hair grows back healthier and stronger than ever.
  5. Baking soda and vinegar act to stimulate hair re-growth.
  6. Denature Alcohol that helps the scalp get rid of oils and dead skin cells that impede the process of hair growth.




How effective is the product in hair re-growth?

As the manufacturers always claim, the product is proven and guaranteed for re-growth. The claims are reinforced by clinical results and testimonials from ultra-satisfied customers.
The manufacturers have conducted test on the product using scanning electron microscopes. At first the scalp is thin, frail and devoid of any pigmentation. After some time of use, a second scan illustrates that hair starts grow, thicken and it also improves in color.

After four months of use, a fourth scan illustrates that the hair has double in diameter and it continues to grow. These results proved that the product actually works as it is claimed to by the manufacturer.

Directions of use: 

You have to cover the whole scalp, spray using 4 to 5 sprays with a distance of at least 6 inches between the scalp and the sprayer. It will be more than enough. Then gently keep massaging the product on your scalp till it absorbs. Use it twice daily preferably after washing your hair.




Groei360 helps regrow and
thicken your hair…

Final Verdict and recommendation:

If you are looking for an effective and cost efficient hair loss product, Groei 360 is a wise choice. There is a sixty day money back guarantee and the potential results are simply amazing.