Hiding Pores and Pimples

Pores and pimples are a very common facial problem especially for girls who are particularly sensitive about their skin. They can easily take the spotlight away from your skin and give an overall disturbing appearance. Some girls are so sensitive to pimples that even one small pimple can prevent them from going out for the night. So what’s the best you can do for pores and pimples immediately? How can you hide them so that you don’t miss a date you had planned for some time?

Here are a few simple methods that can help you conceal your pores and pimples.

Hiding Pores:

Pores are often formed right in the middle of the face in the territory of the nose, chin and cheeks. They start out as unnoticeable entities and with age, skin damage and due to genetic factors, enlarge. There’s not much you can do to stop them from increasing in size but you can certainly disguise their appearance.

1) Cleanse your face daily with a facial exfoliant that has salicylic acid. buy accutane online. This will help to dissolve the oil and dirt that gets stuck in the pores and will cause them to decrease in size. Massage your face with exfoliant for 30 to 60 seconds and then rinse you face with water.

2) Apply an oil free moisturizer in a small amount. Rub it in with your fingers and also focus the areas that contain large pores. Avoid applying too much moisturizer.

3) apply a small amount of silicone primer on your face and evenly distribute it on you face with fingers. Concentrate on the large pores. The primer will act to fill in those pores and hence smoothen out the skin.

4) With a makeup brush apply a powder based foundation and that matches you skin tone and then pat it onto the face. Pat it gently as this prevents stripping off the primer.

5) Blotting the face with oil absorbing creams to remove the excess oil will help. A liquid oil absorbing product applied under the makeup does just as well. Blotting papers and liquid oil absorbers can easily be obtained from drug stores.

Things you’ll need to hide pores:

1) A facial exfoliant with salicylic acid.
2) A silicone based primer.
3) Powder foundation
4) Makeup brush
5) Oil blotting sheets and liquid oil absorbing products.

Hiding Pimples:

1) Wash your face using a non abrasive mild alcohol free face cleanser. A cleanser with salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide may be more effective. Wash your face with luke warm water and lightly scrub the face with small amount of cleanser.

2) Take a clean and hot wash cloth and gently press it against the blemish to draw out the pus and toxins from the pore. This will act to prevent future out breaks.

3) dry your face up with a towel.

4) Moisturize your skin.

5) Apply a concealer that matches your skin tone. A high SPF concealer will protect the sensitive damaged area of the skin from sun damage. Apply the concealer with a clean makeup brush. Using an emollient based concealer will act to moisturize your skin as well hide your pimple.

7) If you have a larger pimple break out, you may need a color corrector.  Preferably use a brush to apply the corrector. A correcting powder works better than a cream. If applying the corrector with your finger, wash it well before using it.

8) Once you have concealed the pimple you can then apply a foundation that is oil free to keep those pores clear. You have to make the foundation match your skin tone as using a darker foundation would make the makeup look unnatural. If the concealer gets disrupted during foundation application, apply a little more concealer.

9) Using an oil free powder will help the pores to resist more blemishes in future. The foundation should be set with a Matt powder. Using shimmery powder will draw the attention away from the blemish.

10) An attempt should be made to divert the onlooker’s attention from the blemish by drawing his attention to other parts of the face by beautifying them a touch more.

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