Hyperpigmentation cream

There are various types of skin conditions that happen to cause marks, blemishes and definitely, they are not easy to handle.

They may not cause any serious danger but they shatter overall personality of an individual, as there is no denying that a beautiful face is much more appealing and attractive to the eyes than the average looking features.

One cannot change the face features without going under the knife but these marks or hyperpigmentation can be controlled with just the simple application or taking the supplement.

Today, our market is full of such products that can provide reliable and effective results.

In this very article, we are going to discuss a skincare product “Meladerm”.

Whether this product is good/ suitable for you or not, let us find out.

Keep reading to learn more about the product.

What is Meladerm?

Meladerm is a skincare product that has a special design due to its formula.

Meladerm reviewMeladerm can be helpful for the users in reducing pigmentation and brightening the skin tone of the consumer.

Meladerm’s main purpose is to decrease discoloration and scars or dark marks.

The company claims that Meladerm is able to provide noticeable results within the starting two weeks but it recommended to continue its usage for at least two to three months.

Moreover, the company states that the product is natural and it does not cause any harmful or irritable side effects on the skin of the consumer.

Unlike many other beauty or skin care products, Meladerm does not contain injurious compounds in its composition.

What is the working principle of Meladerm?

The product performs its role by simply lightening the color of the user’s skin, by reducing the damages that are normally happening due to the excess sun exposure, or not taking enough care of the skin or not following a good cleansing regimen.

When any of these things happen, then for sure those effects are visible on the skin and this product is great for improving any of these issues by just simply its usage.

As everybody knows, the tone of our skin is basically due to the level of the pigment called Melanin.

Melanosomes (special organelles) synthesizes the Pigment of Melanin.

The dark tone of the skin is the indicator that those dark areas of skin have more melanin than the lighter ones.

Furthermore, the natural components or substances that are present in Meladerm are able to reduce the pigment of melanin in your skin and certainly, when you have less pigment of melanin in your skin, then it is bound to be lighter.

This whole reduction process does not include any harsh stimulants that can cause any damage to your skin,

these compounds simply reduce the pigment and it happens without causing you any damage.


The ingredients of Meladerm are part of it after various clinical studies, research, and testing.

Meladerm skin lightening ingredients

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Puffy Eyes & Dark Circles
  • Fine Lines & Wrinkles

a. Hyperpigmentation:

1. Alpha Arbutin:

Alpha Arbutin is water-soluble and a very popular element on the market for skin care.

It definitely shows the reduction in the dark spots and hyperpigmentation.

The element is great at providing skin whitening effects.

2. Sepiwhite:

This is a kind of solution that Phenylalanine (amino acid) develops.

It efficiently decreases the marks that are visible due to age factor and it also improves the condition of dark skin tone.

3. Lactic Acid:

This element has the potential to generate the effects just like Glycolic and it is good for people who have quite sensitive skin.

4. Mulberry Extract:

  •  It is a common product in skin whitening products.
  • It has polyhydroxylated mono-and bis-phenylderivatives and Prenylated.

5. Bearberry Extract (Arbutin):

Uva Ursi plant possesses bearberry extract. Its other common names are just Arbutin or Beta-Arbutin.

6. SymWhite:

This element is basically a natural antioxidant and it is normally present in Pine trees.

Its antioxidant activity is quite prominent and that is why it is a well-known ingredient that is present in the skin whitening products.

7. Gigawhite:

It is a composition of seven Swiss alpine plants.

These seven plants are Mentha Piperita Leaf Extract, Malva Sylvestris Extract, Alchemilla Vulgaris Extract, Veronica Officinalis Extract, Melissa Officinalis Leaf Extract, Primula Veris Extract and Achillea Millefolium Extract.

Gigawhite is certainly helpful in providing the user the brighter skin tone and a study also confirms the very thing.

8. Kojic Acid:

Kojic acid is rather ubiquitous in the Asian diets.

Besides, in a recent discovery, it has been found that it can actually reduce age spots and decrease the number of pigmentation significantly.

The researchers discovered in 1989 and its usage is prominent throughout the globe.

It is present in a fungus and surprisingly, it is a great brightening agent.

9. Licorice Extract:

This plant is good for various reasons relevant to skin care but the part of the plant that is popular for working as a skin whitening agent is glabridin.

While keeping its non-toxic quality, it can provide the effects of skin brightening very easily.

Licorice also has the anti-inflammatory properties and that is another reason that it is a very famous product in the skincare industry.

10. Niacinamide:

Niacinamide has a common name of B3 and it is highly impactful skin brightening substance that can perform tremendously well when it is combined with different ingredients like Kojic Acid and Arbutin.

11. Vitamin C:

Vitamin C is a common and natural antioxidant.

There are many possible sources of this natural antioxidant and these sources provide different types of these antioxidant stable or unstable forms.

Either stable or unstable, all the forms have their own properties.

These forms noticeably great for improving the tone of the consumer’s skin.

The forms contain

  • Magnesium ascorbyl Phosphate
  • Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate
  • I-ascorbic acid

12. Lemon Juice Extract:

Lemon juice Extract is apt for skin lightening product.

However, it may cause irritation in some and that is why it is suggestible to use it in a small ratio.

13. Emblica Fruit Extract:

Phyllanthus Emblica (Plant) is the source of Emblica fruit extract.

The current studies reveal that this compound in moderation can actually provide great benefits for the skin brightening.

Moreover, it is another natural antioxidant.

b. Puffy Eyes and Dark Circles:

Vitamin K:

It is a fat-soluble vitamin. It is highly impactful in reducing under-eye circles.

Rice Bran Protein, Soybean Protein, Oxido Reductases

An ingredient that is good at decreasing the dark area under the eyes and puffiness around the eyes.

c. Fine Lines and Wrinkles:

1. Argireline:

This compound is popular and it also has a scientific name “Acetyl Hexapeptide-3”.

It is able to decline the appearance of wrinkles and facial lines.

2. Ceramide 2, Palmiteyl Oligopeptide:

This ingredient is relevant to peptide technology.

It happens to delay the sign of aging and it can decrease the wrinkles or facial lines that show the sign of aging.

Moreover, Ceramide 2 elevates water retention, decrease the dryness of the skin and better the moisturization level of the skin.

A few general benefits of Meladerm:

Meladerm is an apt option for anyone who is willing to get a fairer looking skin.

Meladerm has a great edge when it comes to talking about the benefits and it is due to the unique blend of well-selected ingredients and their potential benefits.

Some of the common benefits of Meladerm are as follows:

  1. Reduction in the sign of aging
  2. Acne marks
  3. Improvement in the tanned or sun damaged skin
  4. Freckles
  5. Old marks or scars
  6. Uneven Tone of skin
  7. Birthmarks
  8. Dark surface of elbows, areas around the knees, knuckles or underarms
  9. Melasma
  10. Hyperpigmentation
  11. Meladerm does not clog the pores
  12. It works fast

Negative Side Effects:

Meladerm happens to fair the skin of the consumer and it mainly occurs due to the reduction in melanin pigment.

Usually, melanin protects our skin and when we have less melanin then the human skin tends to be more sensitive than usual.

The best possible solution to avoid it is to use a good sunscreen with the SPF 30.

Avoid exposure to the sun to avoid damages.

  1. People who have sensitive skin should be extra careful because it is likely to cause irritation in the people with extra sensitive skin.
  2. People who have sensitive skin should do a skin test first. Apply it on a small area of neck or face and in case of irritation must immediately remove it.
  3. People who have any type of skin disease should avoid using any such beauty product and consult their doctor (dermatologist) first.

Final Verdict:

The Meladerm is a great choice for people who are willing to get a fairer looking skin and they have healthy skin.

However, if they are suffering from any skin related problem, it will be better, they talk to their dermatologist first and then start the consumption of Meladerm.

Most of the reviews about Meladerm are positive but it is still better to visit the official website on your own to be clearer about the facts.