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Mint Cosmetics Review – The Effective Teeth Whitening Pen & Gel

mintcosmetics-Teeth-Whitening-PenFace is the most important part of the body as it casts an impression on others. The attribute of a good personality is to smile. A good smile casts a positive impact on the onlookers. When we smile our teeth are the first and the foremost things that are exposed to others. And agree to it or not, everyone likes for their teeth to be health and sparkling.

With the excessive use of caffeine and beverages these days the teeth really lose their sheen and proper appearance. Merely brushing the teeth doesn’t exactly give them the care they want. It needs a little more effort and a little more care.

If you are tired of having yellow stained teeth that make you look older and they keep sapping away your confidence, Mint Cosmetics teeth whitening kit is just the thing for you. Mint cosmetics is a non peroxide teeth whitening kit that has sodium bicarbonate as a main ingredient. It combines with activated oxygen to produce a teeth whitening gel that helps you get teeth whiteness up to 400 times faster than other peroxide containing kits.




Advantages of Mint Cosmetics Teeth Whitening Gel

As has already been discussed, mint cosmetics tooth whitening cream has sodium bicarbonate as the main ingredient.

  • It is a home based kit and it contains everything you need to get the job get done at home, it even includes lab quality mouth trays.
  • It works in merely twenty minutes and each application has a teeth whitening effect.
  • One kit has fifty treatment dosages and you can either use is faster to achieve dramatic results or you can use it slowly one dosage at a time to achieve results as you desire.
  • Each application has its teeth whitening effect so one can stop when he has achieved his desired teeth shade with that particular application. It has an advantage of preventing your teeth from looking too bright immediately by the application of the gel.
  • The results are prolonged, lasting for about two years and these are totally comparable to the results obtained from a dentist.
  • The gel has 35% sodium bicarbonate and it is the same ingredient as used by many dentists.




How Does it work?

mintcosmetics-packMint cosmetics, contains sodium bicarbonate gel that breaks down as soon as it applies to teeth. It releases the activated oxygen molecule that is able to remove stains quickly and it whitens the teeth immediately. For this reason mint cosmetics achieves impressive results and faster.

Why mint cosmetics?

Mint cosmetics is totally safe to use as the whitening cream is approved by British and European safety regulations. If a company does not have these kinds of recommendations, they have to go through various certified dentists to get approved their teeth whitening kits that contain carbamide and hydrogen per oxide.

If a person has sensitive teeth and he wishes to use Mint , he should have no worries because it does not cause any irritation or burning effect on gums as do other peroxide containing products.
Whitening teeth with mint is a 30 minute process and its results are amazing and you can see a distinctive difference in your teeth just by first time use of the product.



Mint cosmetics cons:

  1. mintcosmetics-teethwhitening-kitIt doesn’t contain peroxide that is used by most dentists that means more applications are required to achieve the desired tooth whitening effect but at the same time it has the advantage of enabling the customer to achieve the whitening effect of choice and stopping when he has achieved it.
  2. It can cause some gum sensitivity especially for a person having preexisting gum disorder.
  3. In case you use a denture or you have a hole in your teeth, you should first seek advice from you dentist regarding the use of this product.
  4. It also has some ingredients that a few people have allergies to, but these are safe for most people.

Directions of use:

Put the gel  into the tray provided in the kit. Fix this tray onto your teeth. Let it be there for 30 minutes. After thirty minutes, remove the tray. You are done. The number of applications depends upon the person’s choice.






According to some dentists they are  surprised as to how mint cosmetics is selling this product for as cheap as they are selling it. Especially when there are other products in the market with inferior results than it has.

The company also provides the customer with a hundred percent money back guarantee, in case the users are not satisfied they can easily claim their money back. If a person is sensitive about his teeth being white and he wants to avoid having to go a dentist for it, skin cosmetics teeth whitening gel is a must for him.