provillus_bottlesNowadays on the internet we can have a way into everything and find solutions of things which we want to learn. These days hair fall is an ordinary problem for men and it is getting worst day by day. There are many grounds of this particular trouble, and one of the main cause is about the pollution in the atmosphere.

The stressful life is also the main cause of this Hair Loss; and the problem persists in both, men and women. Baldness and thinning of hairs is not a good attribute and it is the main cause that leads to the loss of confidence and mind peace of men and women.

Provillus has 1500 mg of SAW Palmetto that lessens the level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). It blocks the harmful DHT.  Provillus is a clinical method of regrowing hair. It has helped people and recovered their loss of hair. It is a complete natural way of regrowing hair with no side effects.





  • As the product is 100 percent natural so the chances of damaging of human scalp are nil.
  • It is quite resistant for the promotion of the hormone named DHT (Dihydrotesttostrone). It is the main hormone that causes the hair fall.
  • Its main benefit is that it provides the hair with some proper nutrients that are helpful in reaching the hair follicles in the scalp which helps in hair growth as they reaches the base from where growth is going to start.
  • Stops the hair fall at very fast rate.
  • Reviews are positive which also shows its benefits and healthy use.
  • Some minerals also counter the toxic effects.


  • Available online. So not so many people are aware of its descriptions.
  • Only few versions are available for men.
  • Must use, according to the doctors advise because it can damage skin if not used properly.




You get two things when you apply for Provillus:

  1. The topical solution to apply on the scalp.
  2. Vitamin supplied.

The topical solution of Provillus has Minoxidil, FDA approved drug for the promotion of the hair growth. It has the ability to prevent and slow down the hair fall rate. The vitamin supplement has herbs and other minerals that supply follicles with significant nutrients. There are some specifically designed versions of Provillus for the women so women are advised to use the female version and not the male’s solution of hair loss.


All the ingredients of Provillus for Men and Provillus for Women are 100 percent pure and natural that’s why Provillus provides the most excellent results. The major ingredient known as Minoxidil stops the hair fall and regrow the new hair.

The other significant elements are as follows: Vitamin B6.Biotin, Zinc (Zn), Saw palmetto, Netlle, Gotu kola, Pumpkin, Eleuthero root, Uva ursi, Muria Puama, Gelatin, Rice flour, Magnesium stearate, Silicon dioxide, Maltodextrin and Water.

  1. Vitamin B6 helps to uphold the healthy brain function. It fights next to many hair diseases too.
  2. Biotin holds up the growth of hair and nails. Many hair product manufacturing companies are using it for the proper treatment of hair fall.
  3. SAW Palmetto is a plant used for making medicines. It decreases the major symptoms of hair fall.
  4. Nettle is used as anti-allergy to prevent the side effects of the other elements.
  5. Eleuthero root is one of the primary herbs. It restores the over stressed glands as the stress is the major cause of the hair fall so it provides the relaxation to the mind. In short, all other components are also natural and they are quite helpful in producing the quicker and effective results. According to Provillus websites it has 5 percent of Minoxidil for men and 2 percent concentration for women. Provillus, boosts up the hair growth effectively.


Prescribed amount must be taken to prevent any disorder. And have regular clinical check up.





As we have discussed all the pros and cones and the basic information. As all the ingredients are 100% natural with no side effects. Provillus Hair Loss Product provides the best results during its usage time. The problem of thinning hairs is the main cause of the hair fall in young ages from 18-35 years. Provillus not only stop this rate, but also provides strength to hair to avoid them from falling.

The reviews are generally very positive. It does not work for everyone. So make it sure before using it you have regular clinical check up to prevent the disorders. In short, now it depends on you whether you prefer to use such a natural medicine that sures the perfect hair growth and also has no side effects. So do not be late get the online order to have it and geet the quicker results.