Take To Strawberries for a Pearly-White Smile

It is no hidden fact that pearly white teeth are the top list of most of the people. They not only increase the beauty of your face but are also considered to be the bust sign of oral hygiene people. Over the course of time, the color of the teeth starts fading and point come when almost turn into yellowish color, which leaves people in people in quest of brighter teeth.

The reason our teeth change color greatly depends upon our diet. The food we consume leaves its color on the teeth, tarnishing their original color. Another reason why teeth discolor is the exposure of an inner layer of teeth called dentin which is yellowish in appearance.

Many individuals are deprived of the spectacular white row, putting in a constant battle of getting the size of teeth back. There are various teeth whitening techniques that are used to get rid of the discoloration.

Whitening strip is one the remedies used for this purpose, but this lost its popularity soon because whitening strip in some cases rips of the outer enamel and may result in high tooth sensitivity. Due to the fact people seek more natural medicines easy ways for getting the shinier attractive teeth back.

Everyone is aware of the strawberries enriched nutritious attributes. Another function that it performs very well is the teeth whitening. It has extravagant teeth whitening agent with absolutely zero side effects.

Here is a brief breakdown on how you can get the best out of strawberries. There are two possible ways by which you can use strawberries as teeth whitening agent.

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Method No. 1

Take one strawberry and pinch of baking soda, mesh the strawberry in a bowl and mix baking soda in it thoroughly. When it seems like a paste, with a help of you tooth brush apply on your teeth and leave it to set for 5 minutes. Rinse thoroughly with y water and use your toothpaste afterward.

Method No. 2

Take one strawberry and mash it in a bowl. Apply the paste to your teeth and leave for some. In the mean time mix a pinch of sodium bicarbonate over lukewarm water and swish thoroughly. You may use your toothpaste afterward.

Why have strawberries?

Well, there must be a lot going n in your mind regarding the fruit, as to why this as your teeth whiting remedy. Well to your knowledge we must tell you that strawberries are enriched with citric and malice acids.

They have wonderful astringent properties, that effectively remove plaque and makes you able to get rid of the ugly yellowish color. Nature has blessed strawberries with a bunch of vitamins, that only make your teeth look whiter but also take good care your oral health.

Strawberries are mixed with the baking soda, so as to enhance their effectiveness. The baking soda itself is a great cure of the discolored teeth. They both work as a single unit stimulating each other’s attributes resulting in dazzling white teeth.

Side effects

As stated earlier strawberries contain citric and malice acid in a relatively large proportion. Raw strawberries have the greater amount of citric acid.

Baking soda a chemical compound and is alkaline in nature. It possesses abrasive qualities. Using the method on the regular basis may cause your teeth tarnish, because the acids in strawberries and baking soda may corrode the outer enamel of your teeth which, may result into high sensitivity. It is therefore advised that only practice this technique for maximum two days in the week.

Another drawback of the process is, it takes a time to show effects, if you are an impatient soul then this process might not be good for you.

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Last verdict

There is a kind of competition in the modern fashion driven society to look better than others. To take have an edge over counterparts they try different techniques and method to look attractive. This row has not just stopped on outfits and makeup; they tend to turn their bodies into perfection.

Whiter teeth have always been admired and liked by everyone. Sadly teeth turn to tarnish over the course of time and discolor. Yellow teeth lay project a negative aspect of you personality on others.

In order to get whiter, brighter teeth people adopt several methods to brighten up their teeth. There are several costly procedures by which you can do so, but they not only cost you a lot of money but are also time-consuming.

They in the long run badly affect the health of your teeth, turning them into super sensitive making you unable to eat or drink easily. That is the reason people are turning towards or natural home grown remedies. One such remedy incorporates the use of strawberries in it. Strawberries are spectacular teeth whitening agent that help you have the whiter brighter teeth without the expense of time and adverse side effects.

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