For women, bust is the key factor of feminity and beauty. The discrepancy of this feminine symbol can affect your personal and social life, so it is important to make yourself completely sensual to achieve desired image.

Enhancement of breast area can be done in many ways. You can increase your bust size by doing physical exercises, eating proper required diet and taking herbal supplements offered in this regard. However, these supplements are not guaranteed to bring desirable results.

If you are looking forward for a convenient and side effects free product, then breast enlargement creams are more effective and easy to use. They are also the safe alternatives of breast implants, surgeries and injections.

Out of top breast enlargement products, Vollure solution is considered best for increasing your bust regardless of present breast size. It is totally natural ingredients based formula to lift and firm your breasts, thus enhancing your self confidence and sex appeal.


  • This serum is 100% natural and herbal having no parabens and no petroleum products.
  • It works for all types of breasts irrespective of their initial size. Therefore, women with bigger busts can also use it if they wish for more.
  • Vollure is formulated to not only enlarge breasts but is also intended to lift, firm and tone them in short period of time.
  • The company supplies this product all over the world. The orders can be made from its official website and they will be shipped with ensured privacy.
  • The noticeable results can be achieved after 6 weeks of nonstop use.


It is light and made of non greasy components. All of its ingredients have been proven to bring breast enlargement results and will give you desirable curves in no time.

Some of its active ingredients are discussed below:

  • Sarsasapogenin:

It is the extract of an Asian plant- Anemarrhena asphodeloides. It is non hormonal cosmetic ingredient which is used to plump up the application area. It stimulates the secretion and storage of new fatty tissues and breasts are likely to grow larger and fuller with this extract. It also helps in enhancing firmness and elasticity of skin.

  • Macelignan:

It is the natural chemical and phytoestrogen, derived from Nutmeg. It    speeds up the production of adipose cells and also enhances the capacity to store more lipids. These additional tissues will become the cause of the enlarged volume of your breasts. Studies have shown that it also possesses antioxidant, anti inflammatory and neuro protective properties.

  • Macadamia Oil:

This volatile oil is also a nut extract and contains important acids including plamitoleic acid, which is rarely found in plants. It is mixed with other ingredients to bring breast enlargement results. It is also used to smoothen the skin and increase in stability. Macadamia oil is also famous for its calcium, potassium, phosphorous and Vitamin B1 and B2 enrichment.

  • Purified Water
  • Fragrance


  • Some customers have complained that the breasts return to their initial size after discontinued use. You have to use this serum for longer period of time for permanent results.
  • Although manufactures have made its price affordable for common people but still it is pricey as compared to other breast enhancement products.


Squeeze 2 or 3 drops of this serum in hand and apply them over your breast area. Then carefully massage your skin until they are fully absorbed.

It is preferable to this product after taking shower or bathing.


This serum is extensively tested and 80% trial participants have shown positive results. Results may vary from person to person depending on body size and genetics but majority will experience 1 or maybe 2 increase in their cup size.

Company claims that users can expect enhanced and big bust up to 6.6% in just 30 days of continuous use. It effectively increases breast volume and feminine curves accordingly to your choice.

The manufacturers also offer 60 days money back guarantee if breast size does not increase up to 8.4%. Discounts are also offered for large orders.


A lot of reviews have confirmed that it does really work for them. Even after the 1st week, the breasts have appeared somewhat bigger and firmer but it insisted to not expect miraculous effects. It has no side effects and is totally safe formula to naturally enhance the beauty of your body.

It is highly recommended due to its positive customer feedback and excessive success rate. Women who are interested in enhancing their chest size can confidently use it without any hesitation. It will stop your pre aging effects and will provide you young and attractive body. By using this, you can significantly correct the condition of your breast area.