Zero Peroxide

Zero Peroxide Review – The Dentist Approved Teeth Whitening Kit

Face is the most important part of the body as it casts an impression on others. The attribute of a good personality is to smile. A good smile casts a positive impact on the onlookers. When we smile our teeth are the first and the foremost things that are exposed to others. And agree to it or not, everyone likes for their teeth to be health and sparkling.

zero-peroxideWith the excessive use of caffeine and beverages these days the teeth really lose their sheen and proper appearance. Merely brushing the teeth doesn’t exactly give them the care they want. It needs a little more effort and a little more care.

If you are tired of having yellow stained teeth that make you look older and they keep sapping away your confidence, zero peroxide is just the thing for you. Zero peroxide is a teeth whitening product which as the name suggests does not contain peroxide at all.

As peroxide is banned for use except for by the doctor, people are looking to have a product that whitens their teeth to just the right amount with results that are comparable to peroxide and at just a fraction of cost compared to a visit to the dentist.

Advantages of Using Zero Peroxide:

  1. As has already been discussed, the product doesn’t contain peroxides. It also doesn’t contain other harmful chemicals and uses sodium bicarbonate instead.
  2. As it is flavored, rather than an uncomfortable bicarbonate taste, you get a very pleasant minty taste.
  3. It not only removes the plaques it also tackle the bacteria in them.
  4. It can be used along with dental operations such as fillings, making crowns and fixing dentures.
  5. The kit includes in it an LED accelerator light to hasten the whitening process. It also includes a mobile whitening pen that you can take with you to remove stains.
  6. Zero peroxide is also acceptable for vegetarians as it doesn’t make use of any animal products such as gelatin. And it hasn’t been developed against animal testing either.
  7. Zero Peroxide is formulated to also strengthen teeth at the simultaneously as it contains added fluoride and Vitamin D.
  8. It has no side effects as opposed to other peroxide containing products that weaken the teeth.



How does the product work?

Sodium bicarbonate is main ingredient of the product. It is a well known cleaning agent and it is already used in toothpastes and mouth washes. Zero peroxide established 35% strength of sodium bicarbonate in it that gives maximum whitening effects. The 35% Sodium Bicarbonate gel releases Oxygen to lift off the stains from the teeth when held against them using a mouth mould.

  • Sodium fluoride has been included in the product to strengthen the teeth against decay.
    It adds to the longer lasting whiteness of the teeth.
  • Aloe Vera has been included in zero peroxide as it helps aid the whitening process and it gives healthier teeth and gums for all-round oral health.
  • Pomegranate helps reduce the amount of plaque on your teeth and keep them cleaner.
  • Mouth ulcers can hinder the process of teeth whitening as they can form in areas where it is required for the gel to be applied. Inclusion of chamomile makes sure that there are no ulcers and teeth whitening proceeds as desired.

The product has been flavored with a great minty taste and you will not find it hard to apply on your teeth.



What is it made of?

Zero per oxide has a unique non peroxide formula that is 100% safe and is legal all over the worlds as compared to peroxide containing products that are totally banned. It contains.

  1. Sodium Bicarbonate
  2. Sodium Fluoride
  3. Aloe Vera
  4. Pomegranate
  5. Chamomile
  6. Natural flavors.

Directions of use

Zero peroxide is very simple to use and is probably the easiest whitening cream in the market. Its use comprises three simple steps of twenty minutes duration.

  1. Apply gel into the mouth tray.
  2. Now place the mouth tray in your mouth.
  3. wear it with LED light for about twenty minutes.

Then you have to remove the tray and rinse it. You are done. It’s a simple and easy process.






Teeth whitening is a concern for many people as it reflects directly on their personality. It is not always the ideal thing to be able to visit a dentist so the use of this one step therapy is very helpful.
Also if there is not enough satisfaction with the product, the company offers a 30 day money back guarantee.

The product efficiently removes plaque, avoids mouth ulcers, kills bacteria and helps you toward an all-round oral hygiene. Furthermore its highly economical costing only a fraction of a doctor’s visit. To add to its credibility it is recommended by dentists all over the world. It’s a must try.!