Evaluating Cruelty-Free Brands: Our Criteria and Guidelines

We are dedicated to promoting cruelty-free and vegan brands and empowering consumers to make ethical choices. We take great pride in maintaining high standards to ensure the accuracy, credibility, and reliability of the information we provide.

Standards We Strictly Follow

Standards we follow here to determine a brand’s cruelty-free status. By adhering to these rigorous criteria, we aim to assist consumers in making informed decisions and supporting brands that align with their values.

#1. No Animal Testing: A Core Principle

At the heart of our standards lies a firm requirement that brands must have a strict policy against testing their products or ingredients on animals. We believe that every living being deserves compassion and respect, and we prioritize brands that share this philosophy throughout their production processes.

#2. Scrutinizing Ingredient Suppliers

To ensure the integrity of a brand’s cruelty-free claims, we verify that they require their ingredient suppliers to also adhere to cruelty-free practices. By doing so, we ensure that no animal testing is conducted by any third parties involved in the brand’s supply chain.

#3. Complying with Legal Requirements

Our dedication to promoting genuine cruelty-free brands extends to verifying that the brands we endorse do not sell their products in regions or countries where animal testing is mandated by law. This commitment demonstrates the brand’s conscious decision to avoid markets that require animal testing for regulatory purposes.

#4. Trusting Leaping Bunny or PETA Certification

We place significant value on certifications from respected organizations such as Leaping Bunny or PETA’s Beauty Without Bunnies program. Brands that have obtained these certifications undergo independent verification processes, offering consumers an additional level of assurance regarding their cruelty-free status.

#5. Transparency in Animal Testing Policy

We meticulously review and assess a brand’s publicly available animal testing policy. We believe in the importance of transparency, and a brand’s commitment against animal testing should be clearly stated and easily accessible on their website. By examining these policies, we aim to provide users with accurate and up-to-date information.

#6. Pledges for a Cruelty-Free Future

We prioritize brands that have taken a formal pledge or made a statement affirming their commitment to cruelty-free practices. This may include the brand’s dedication to exploring and implementing alternative testing methods and actively supporting the development and acceptance of cruelty-free alternatives within the industry.

#7. Independent Verification for Added Assurance

To reinforce our commitment to accuracy, we favor brands that have undergone independent audits or verification processes to confirm their cruelty-free status. These assessments may be conducted by reputable third-party organizations or recognized certification bodies, further substantiating the brand’s commitment to ethical practices.

#8. Regular Updates for Ongoing Compliance

We understand the importance of brands staying informed and up to date with evolving regulations and advancements in cruelty-free alternatives. Therefore, we ensure that the brands listed on our website regularly review and update their cruelty-free status. This demonstrates their ongoing dedication to maintaining ethical standards and their willingness to adapt as technology progresses.

#9. Beyond Animal Testing: Ethical Considerations

While our primary focus is on animal testing, we also consider a brand’s broader ethical practices. We encourage brands to prioritize fair labor practices, environmentally friendly production methods, and responsible sourcing of raw materials. By considering these factors, we aim to support brands that embrace a holistic approach to sustainability and ethical business practices.

#10. Valuing Consumer Feedback and Reviews

We firmly believe in the power of consumer experiences and feedback. We actively encourage visitors to our website to provide their valuable insights and reviews about their experiences with different brands. By engaging in this open dialogue, we foster a community-driven platform that further enhances the accuracy and credibility of our brand listings.


As the owners of this website, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards when it comes to promoting cruelty-free brands. Our comprehensive criteria ensure that the brands featured on our platform meet rigorous ethical standards, providing consumers with a trustworthy resource for making informed choices. By adhering to these standards, we aim to support ethical practices, protect animal welfare, and empower consumers to shop with confidence, knowing they are making a positive impact. Together, let’s create a world where cruelty-free choices are readily available and embraced by all.